As I sit here and plan out this post, I realize a lot has happened in the past three weeks. I’ve been hired (HIRED!) as a freelance writer for two start-up companies. Granted, it’s not a constant paycheck, but I’m severely excited about both of them and it’s getting me a crazy amount of experience.

Start-up companies are great for post-grads. They’re always looking for new help and, while they don’t pay top notch freelance pay (3-5 cents per word, competitively), they offer that experience you need to add to your resume. It’s also just exciting to work for a start-up. There’s so much excitement about the launch & new ideas are flowing from everywhere. I honestly think, if you work in communications, you should do some freelancing for a start-up company. I haven’t even submitted my first full-blown article yet (the deadline is Friday & I’m just working on some edits and additions), but I’m just excited about the entire process.

So, on top of that great note, I also have some starting prospects for full-time jobs. Are they exactly in my career field? No, but that’s where those freelance positions come in handy. While these full-time positions include administrative jobs, it means I can get out of my part time job (finally!) and start working regular hours & saving for a condo.

Third, I’ve started a new diet regimen & exercise plan. Unfortunately (fortunately?), my work has been putting me on mornings to cook/create all the store’s a-la-carte items, including to-go meals, sandwiches  & fried items (ew). Why fortunately? It’s a morning job, so I get out early & I actually like waking up pretty early. I figure, since I’m getting up at 6:30 AM, that this would also be good practice if I get the full-time job. Why unfortunately? I usually slotted my early morning hours (7:30-9) for gym time, three times a week. I hate going in the afternoon, hate going on weekends & night time kills me. I feel better about the rest of the day when I go in the morning. So I might have to make some drastic changes to that, such as going after dinner & going early early on the weekends.

The diet regimen is…interesting. I cut out any kinds of soda & fruit drinks over a year ago and haven’t looked back since. The only time I’ve been to a fast-food restaurant was on the 15-hour road trip my college friend & I took in early August (and even then I stuck with salads and we packed all kinds of healthy goodies, since she was on the Insanity diet).

The regimen doesn’t consist of fasting or anything like that, but incorporates more veggies into my normal routine. As I’m still working with a small budget, when I go grocery shopping tomorrow I plan on buying mostly frozen veggies. Which, apparently, is just as nutritious as fresh, since frozen are flash-frozen (…or something) as soon as they ripen. I’m also obsessed with whole wheat & whole grain breads, and this diet includes a LOT of that. It also includes one cheat day (I think I’ll make it a Saturday…) and an exercise regimen that doesn’t make me work out 5-6 days a week, because who has time for that?

And ALSO, my school bills. Ohhh school bills. I hate you. My father figured out a way to drastically reduce the amount I would pay (interest wise). In short, he’ll be taking out a home equity loan on his name to pay out my loans, drastically cutting my interest rate to a mere 3%. He’ll pay each month, I’ll pay him a couple days before he sends out the payment. It cuts out close to $50 per month (yeah…that much), which in turn saves my dreary budget $600/year (basically what my entire car insurance would cost if I bought a car I’m currently looking at). So I’m pretty excited about putting that down in paper & sticking to it.


So yes, life has been going pretty great lately. I mean, it’s not 100% perfect. In that world, I’d have Tom Hiddleston as my husband (hubbah-hubbah Loki), have an amazing full-time job spear-heading the opening of an ESPN headquarters in Boston, living in a condo with rustic decor (I LOVE rustic), & owning the most adorable husky in the world…except for my current pup of course.


But, hey, who’s to complain? I have a part-time job, 2 freelance jobs, a roof over my head, and a bed to call my own. I’m pretty satisfied with that…for now.