20. The number of applications and cover letters I’ve written & drafted, then sent out, in the past 12 days. It’s not even that much, when you think about it. I should be sending them out to every person on the planet. But I don’t have the energy for that. A few I would really like, a few I sent out to see if I could even qualify. I guess it’s the effort that counts, right? So long as that effort eventually leads to a job.

But, I digress. This post is purely for me. You see, there’s a website, called Influenster (all beauties go “YYEsssssss”), which is completely free to use. What happens is, you sign up, earn badges & points and then you get FREE stuff.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, sort of. You can’t just sign up and expect them to send you oodles of goodies. That wouldn’t be fair to the people who are active on social media and actively trying to get their name out there. I heard about this site through various Youtube Beauty Gurus and decided to check it out. Recently, it went through a re-launch and, as part of their re-launch, they’re giving out a TON of stuff. Which is why this blog post comes up.

Now, before any of you freak out: I was going to do a post about Influenster anyway. Not today, per say, but within ac couple weeks. Since their re-launch, there have been a lot of new changes, of which I’d like to highlight here, be it good or bad.

The Bottom Line: Influenster free-for-all in supplies. You sign up, you earn badges (such as Dog Owner/College Student/Mom/Bride to Be/Environment lover, etc), and you gain points. You can gain points by reviewing services and products (PetSmart, NYC Beauty Care, Dawn dish soap, you name it, you can probably review it). By reviewing products, blogging, youtubing, or basically just staying active on your linked up social media sites, you earn points. These points make more a more influenced member (get it now?) or less influenced member, depending on the time and effort you would like to put in. Mine currently stand at 79, which I think is pretty fair considering I’m not a Beauty or Review guru. You can then take surveys which qualify you for VoxBoxes, which is literally a box full of regular and sample sized goodies…all for FREE. Currently, I’m actually awaiting a sample sized version of dish washing liquid. Am I excited? Of course. I do most of the hand-dish washing in my house so I’m excited to use a new product. And it’s free. C’mon people…FREE.

The Good:

The site is MUCH more user friendly than before. You’re allowed more chances to get products and there are actually a lot more products and services you can review. Before, I didn’t go on the site that often. There weren’t too many badges and I would only go on to see if I ‘qualified’ for a VoxBox. I didn’t, because besides being a Youtuber, it didn’t seem like there was much room to grow.

I’m happy to say that these good folks have remedied this. You can link up all your social media sites and there are a lot more gifts to be given. You gain a lot more opportunities through this site, you can interact with other reviewers more, and it just LOOKS more user friendly.

The Bad:

I wish you could earn more Lifestyle badges. I have a few, but am blocked from getting more as of right now. I’m a complicated girl, Influenster! I love beauty gadgets just as much as I love hiking gadgets! Let me have my badges!!

Overall, however, it is a great program. I’ve known some gurus who’ve signed up for the programs you PAY for then are disappointed with the lack of samples for the price. Samples SHOULD be free you know. So Influenster is getting it right.


Want to sign up? Head over to http://www.influenster.com to learn more & get started.


(No, Influenster did not pay me to do this. As I said, I wanted to do this, was given an option by Influenster to do this for a re-launch voxbox and decided it was time.)