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And while I promised you (and myself) a quicker blog post, I just forgot about it. But one of my extremely good friends from college recently got married. And the wedding was absolutely amazing. Luckily, I took a few pictures. And, yes, the wedding was held on Halloween. And it was a costume reception party. And it was quite amazing.



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….so you know how sometimes you wipe your history off your computer (*ahem*those of you who stalk your ex’s on Facebook know what I mean)? Well, I recently did that and, for some reason, it chooses to wipe all my passwords off as well. So I’ve been trying to log onto here for about a week. Why wouldn’t I just reset my password? I’m too darn stubborn, that’s why.

But today, while shopping for goodies for my mom’s Mothers Day Basket (more on that when the day gets closer), I remembered my password. Standing in the middle of Marshalls, deciding between two items, it just hit me.

Honestly, I also haven’t been feeling like posting for awhile. A few weeks ago, I was ready to sit down & write, but then tragically the Boston Marathon bombings happened and my state was thrown into a whirlwind we’re still just getting out of. Even the town where I’m from, about ten minutes north of Boston, was hit hard. More than five people were injured just from our town, two of them brothers and one who I was friends with and graduated high school with. It’s been tough.

But I’m happy to say that I’m back. I have a few cute tutorials up my sleeve, as well as the daunting task of planting basil, spinach, peppers, strawberries (yikes), and brussel sprouts this spring. I’ve purchased potted strawberries and brussel sprouts and my mother received basil from a co-worker (she’s not a huge herb growing person like I am, so I’ve taken over the poor little basil plant). I’ve seeded yellow bell peppers, spinach, and sweet basil and am (im)patiently waiting for them to sprout. But with this, or should I say with the strawberry plant from hell, I’m also constructing a small chicken-wire plant protector. The tutorial I’ll hopefully have up within a week, as well as a little bit more a life update (I climbed a mountain…that happened) as well as another (bit more gleaming) outlook on the job market. I mean, who knew I’d get caught up in wanting to work for business journals? Not me.


My amazingly-wonderful-close knit-reliable-loyal pledge class (minus 2). 

If you had told me, senior of high school (oh so long ago), that I was going to be a member of a sorority I probably definitely would have laughed in your face. Me, the girl who found her solace in a small, concrete, costume room…a sorority member? You’ve gotta be kidding me. 

And, for awhile, I wasn’t. Then something clicked my last semester at the University of Maine. I wanted to join a sorority. I rushed, I was given a bid to two sororities. I chose a national one (who I won’t mention for the sake of my still being friends with the alumni who gave me a bid then got pissed at their president..more on that later). I accepted the bid then was told they revoked the bid (too late to send out my acceptance to the OTHER sorority on campus).

Why? Well, one simple, very immature, very high school reason. There was a girl in my high school that I kinda-sorta-got along with. Honestly? I tolerated her. I thought she was snobby and stuck up. She was the kind of person that was sweet to your face and nasty behind your back. Now, I was sweet to her face and sweet behind her back, until this happened. I honestly thought she was an OK person. Not my best friend, but not a mere acquaintance. We were in theater together, both department heads/co-heads (not the same department of course), so we kinda had to get along. Why do I tell you all this? Apparently she knew the president of the sorority I was about to pledge and told the president I was (and I’m literally quoting this from a mutual friend I have with the president) “kinda weird and outgoing.”

SHOCK! Outgoing? Not normal? Well, shit, who wants someone who’s outgoing in their sorority? And ‘not normal’ because I chose to not go into business administration when I graduated high school and also chose to not go to one of the UMass colleges. I’m not even kidding, she said those things. I wasn’t “not normal” because of my pure love for the Boston Bruins or my searingly sarcastic personality. Or the fact that I get overly-excited about things (I’d rather get over-excited than be a hum-dum). I wasn’t ‘normal’ because I didn’t conform, somehow, to half of my graduating class’s idea of college.

So the president basically told everyone I wasn’t getting a bid. Even our mutual friend was disgusted with that (and some of the sisters, who I honestly got along with). It put me off Greek Life for a long time, understandably.

Then I changed schools. I went to the New England School of Communications (how do you fall in love with a school you’ve never seen? I don’t know but I did) and the first person I met was a Greek Life member. In fact, he’s now one of my brothers. I mean, I considered him a brother a year into school because we got along greatly, he was great friends with my RA (who I am great friends with) and he thought I was faking a Boston accent when he first met me, which I thought was hilarious considering we’re both from the area.

A semester in, I went to pledge a sorority. Needless to say, it didn’t work out (though again I’m still friends with some of the sisters..odd how that works). Then, in the Fall of 2010, a bunch of crazy (non-normal?) girls came barreling into my room (okay we had the door open), scrapped up a cheap 3M-wannabe sticker off the floor and convinced me to rush. I was hooked. ΚΔΦ Nationally Affiliated Sorority basically won me over in twenty minutes.

No longer did I have to fake being who I was or try to be like everyone me. I had found my place with my sisters. Had I wish I rushed and pledged sooner? Yes. But I also couldn’t see me going through recruitment without my pledge sisters. Was pledging hard? Yes. Did I ever feel like I couldn’t do it the next night? No. That was one of the great things. I never felt so secure before and all the sisters (and brothers) were there for each of us during that time.

I’m now an alumni of my chapter with two Littles back in Maine as actives. This semester, I’ll probably be a Grand-Big which just makes me feel old. I’m still close with all my pledge sisters and Bigs. Five years ago I couldn’t imagine life in a sorority and now I can’t imagine life without one.

As I sit here and plan out this post, I realize a lot has happened in the past three weeks. I’ve been hired (HIRED!) as a freelance writer for two start-up companies. Granted, it’s not a constant paycheck, but I’m severely excited about both of them and it’s getting me a crazy amount of experience.

Start-up companies are great for post-grads. They’re always looking for new help and, while they don’t pay top notch freelance pay (3-5 cents per word, competitively), they offer that experience you need to add to your resume. It’s also just exciting to work for a start-up. There’s so much excitement about the launch & new ideas are flowing from everywhere. I honestly think, if you work in communications, you should do some freelancing for a start-up company. I haven’t even submitted my first full-blown article yet (the deadline is Friday & I’m just working on some edits and additions), but I’m just excited about the entire process.

So, on top of that great note, I also have some starting prospects for full-time jobs. Are they exactly in my career field? No, but that’s where those freelance positions come in handy. While these full-time positions include administrative jobs, it means I can get out of my part time job (finally!) and start working regular hours & saving for a condo.

Third, I’ve started a new diet regimen & exercise plan. Unfortunately (fortunately?), my work has been putting me on mornings to cook/create all the store’s a-la-carte items, including to-go meals, sandwiches  & fried items (ew). Why fortunately? It’s a morning job, so I get out early & I actually like waking up pretty early. I figure, since I’m getting up at 6:30 AM, that this would also be good practice if I get the full-time job. Why unfortunately? I usually slotted my early morning hours (7:30-9) for gym time, three times a week. I hate going in the afternoon, hate going on weekends & night time kills me. I feel better about the rest of the day when I go in the morning. So I might have to make some drastic changes to that, such as going after dinner & going early early on the weekends.

The diet regimen is…interesting. I cut out any kinds of soda & fruit drinks over a year ago and haven’t looked back since. The only time I’ve been to a fast-food restaurant was on the 15-hour road trip my college friend & I took in early August (and even then I stuck with salads and we packed all kinds of healthy goodies, since she was on the Insanity diet).

The regimen doesn’t consist of fasting or anything like that, but incorporates more veggies into my normal routine. As I’m still working with a small budget, when I go grocery shopping tomorrow I plan on buying mostly frozen veggies. Which, apparently, is just as nutritious as fresh, since frozen are flash-frozen (…or something) as soon as they ripen. I’m also obsessed with whole wheat & whole grain breads, and this diet includes a LOT of that. It also includes one cheat day (I think I’ll make it a Saturday…) and an exercise regimen that doesn’t make me work out 5-6 days a week, because who has time for that?

And ALSO, my school bills. Ohhh school bills. I hate you. My father figured out a way to drastically reduce the amount I would pay (interest wise). In short, he’ll be taking out a home equity loan on his name to pay out my loans, drastically cutting my interest rate to a mere 3%. He’ll pay each month, I’ll pay him a couple days before he sends out the payment. It cuts out close to $50 per month (yeah…that much), which in turn saves my dreary budget $600/year (basically what my entire car insurance would cost if I bought a car I’m currently looking at). So I’m pretty excited about putting that down in paper & sticking to it.


So yes, life has been going pretty great lately. I mean, it’s not 100% perfect. In that world, I’d have Tom Hiddleston as my husband (hubbah-hubbah Loki), have an amazing full-time job spear-heading the opening of an ESPN headquarters in Boston, living in a condo with rustic decor (I LOVE rustic), & owning the most adorable husky in the world…except for my current pup of course.


But, hey, who’s to complain? I have a part-time job, 2 freelance jobs, a roof over my head, and a bed to call my own. I’m pretty satisfied with that…for now.

In case you’ve been under a rock the past five years, Vera Bradley is seemingly an essential piece of wardrobe in a lot of women’s closets. Honestly, when I first saw the prints I hated them, but after re-modeling a lot of their patterns and bringing in fresh ones every season, they have me hooked.

Needless to say, I use my ID/Wallet/Phone holder a lot. I used it at school every day, so it got pretty dingy. Not to mention, it’s black & white, so the white on the inside was a stark contrast to the outside.

About two weeks ago, I decided this had infuriated me enough to sit down and try to find some reasonable ways to clean it…without having to buy a specific cleaner. I already have a Coach cleaner, do I really need another?

A lot of sites on the web told me to not put in the wash..or to put it in the wash. Many said the use of a washing machine would bend the cardboard inside to the point where it won’t stay straight anymore. Now, before you all rush off buying the shampoo, you need to know that you don’t need a washing machine to do this. In fact…you just need water, a cloth, and a small amount of detergent.

I decided to use a Woolite travel packet, because I have a small rubbermaid full of them (seriously, I love these things, they work great). You can find them virtually anywhere and are perfect for college students, since it’s a lot less expensive than buying a full container of Woolite. One packet is good for a full load of hand-washed laundry, which is great for sweaters when you live in New England, like me.


A little sneak preview of what my much-loved Vera Bradley wallet looks like, comparable to what the inside looks like:

Eewwww so dirty!! Image

Honestly? After I took that picture, I immediately started filling up my bathroom sink with warm water & Woolite. I then just proceeded to plunge the wallet into the sink, to hell with cardboard consequences!

So I took a dark colored washcloth (that I use for all my little washing projects that can’t just be tossed in the washer; ie dog toys). Dipping the cloth in the sudsy water, I scrubbed the entire wallet down, dunked it again, then scrubbed a second time.


(Excuse the nails, work was brutal on them)

After I rinsed out the wallet, I squeezed it a little, taking care to not actually bend the wallet in case the cardboard was at it’s breaking point. I then laid out a dry towel on my armoire and left the wallet open face down to dry overnight.


At first, I was a little worried because it didn’t look like it had thoroughly cleaned anything on the wallet. But the next afternoon, I was surprised to see how clean it was! I mean, you can clearly see the dirt when you rinse off your wallet after scrubbing it, but look at the difference!!


I’m thoroughly impressed with how clean it came out. I did use a lot of Woolite, but last night I washed a second wallet, 2 lanyards, and 2 of my mother’s id cases and they came out just as well. I don’t know how well it would work with bargain brand detergent, because I always find Woolite gets things cleaner than normal, but you can always try!!


It’s summertime…or near the end of summer time for a lot of us. That means last minute hauls to the beach with friends & family in tow. Spur of the moment beach trips are always fun & rewarding, but your bag shouldn’t reflect that. So I’ve compiled a list of things that are essential to any beach outing, planned or not. Don’t have time to pack the bag every time you head to the beach? Keep most of the essentials in the bag and toss in what you need the hour before.

TWO towels. Why two? Have you ever tried to sit comfortably in the car after a day at the beach? Leave an extra towel in the car so that when you get ready to go home, you have something dry underneath you. No one likes wet car seats.

Sunscreen. This should be obvious. It may seem like a waste of time, but after you get out of the water, make sure to re-apply. Unless you want to risk getting skin cancer or looking wrinkly at the age of forty, do this. Don’t forget to also bring sunscreen for your face! Aveeno makes a great SPF 30 for the face.

Hats and sunglasses. Again, this should be obvious, but I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to the beach with friends who’ve forgotten these things. You don’t need to bring your best sunglasses or hat either, I usually bring my cheap $3 sunglasses because they’re bound to get sand on them and they could possibly get smashed by running children.


Extra baggies and napkins. It’s pretty obvious you should pack your lunch & some snacks for the beach. However, packing some large Ziploc bags can keep the trash sealed and away from pesky seagulls who want the ends of your bread or apple. Also, if you’re like me, you can easily collect some crazy-looking seashells to display in a glass case at your house. This will keep them from moving around in your bag, either breaking or spreading sand everywhere.

Camera, phone, money (all in a Ziploc bag). What’s with the zippered bags? Well, for one they keep the sand out of those tiny crevices in your phone or camera that would completely ruin them. Second, it keeps all three important things in one place, so when you grab the plastic bag to grab a snack at the vendor, you know you have all the important things with you.

Entertainment. Let’s face it, you can only do so much people watching at the beach, so bringing something like a book, iPod or magazine will help keep you entertained. I usually bring my ipod, an easy read book, and a magazine so that I can choose what I want to do. I do keep the iPod in the same baggie as the aforementioned camera/phone/money, so that it is kept away from the sand.


Baby powder. Say what? Why baby powder, without the baby, you may ask. Well, you know how you’re running around in the sand all day? Forget showering your feet off at the outdoor showers after you’re done & ready to go home. Just before you hop into the car, sprinkle some baby powder on your feet & rub it off. The sand will come off automatically and also help keep your feet fresh. Keep a travel size bottle in the car for late night beach walks as well.

Water, water, water…in a cooler. You may be surrounded by water, but that doesn’t mean you need to skimp out on bringing water. I suggest each person bringing a cold water, then one that is frozen. Halfway through your day at the beach, that frozen water should be melted enough to drink up, keeping you cooled down.

Beach blanket or mat. Some people use their beach towels to sit out in the sun (with sunscreen on, of course), but then those towels get really wet & who wants a bunch of wet towels? I usually bring an old blanket or a beach mat (a simple bamboo one works great). They’re larger, so you can sit more than one person on them, and they easily dry & roll up.

Blanket ‘chomps’ or clamps. You can find these anywhere during the summer, like <a href=””>these</a> at Amazon. They keep your blanket or towel anchored to the sand despite toes or wind kicking them up. If you live in the New England area, head over to your local Christmas Tree Store, all of which usually have a variety clamps at half the price.

Mini-first aid kit. Every lifeguard does have a first aid kit on their stand, but having a baggie with just some band-aids and aspirin is a lot easier than getting a lifeguard. Long exposure to sun can give people sun headaches and if you accidentally get cut by anything, those band-aids will come in handy.

Headband & extra elastics. Even if you go to the beach with your hair up, it’s helpful to have these two floating around in your bag. On more than one occasion, I’ve lost my elastic in the ocean while horsing around, so having one or two extra in my bag was extremely helpful. I also have a thick headband, like the no-sweat/no-slip wide bands, like Sweaty Bands that stay in place even in the water. Thick, colorful headbands will keep those wisps out of your face and help tame the frizz after you get out of the water.

Chair & umbrella. If you don’t want to bring an umbrella, or don’t have room for one, that’s fine. Just make sure you still have a hat to keep the sun off your face. A chair is pretty essential & I love the ones that come with their own bag and you can slip over your shoulder. In fact, I just spent a bit of money on a new one, a Sport-Brella chair. I bought the beach one, which comes in around $40 (but if you buy with a friend, it’s currently buy one, get one half off so it can be split $30 each way). These chairs are great, as they come WITH the umbrella that can be positioned any way you want. It may be a bit expensive, but it’s an umbrella & chair in one bag.

Cooler to keep all those snacks & drinks in. Bring one big enough to comfortably hold all the snacks & with outside zipper pockets to hold napkins, forks, & other utensils. Stuff a couple plastic shopping bags in there to toss the trash before you leave as well.

Bag big enough to keep everything in. I’m not talking a small tote bag that will easily get wet. Go out and buy an actual beach bag, one that is waterproof & large enough to hold all the aforementioned stuff (except the cooler, which you can carry separately). If you have a waterproof backpack, you can also bring that as well, which will help keep your hands free. Look around for a bag that will fit your style, as well as all your goodies.


And last, but not least, enjoy your beach day! Summer only comes around for a few months, so make sure to get the best of it! 

About five years ago, my mother & I decided the ugly purple color in my room had to go. Luckily, I was able to choose the color I chose, so I picked a light yellow. I like everything fairly bright, so the color would work even without artificial light.

Usually, this wouldn’t take long. But I was also a full time student nine months out of the year, going to Bangor Maine for my education. The room was painted in during the month of August so I had little time to re-think a new ‘theme’ before going back to school. During the next summer, I had convinced my dad to go shopping for armoire to hold my television set and massive dvd & book collection. That summer, I also purchased five rubbermaid containers for the top shelf of my closet to hold necessities and a rolling cart to hold everything else.

I was, again, OK with this setup but it wasn’t until a year ago that I decided to just go ahead and completely haul out my room. I just finished it, with everything being done except for repainting my closet shelf and closet back wall (which I plan on doing in a standout color to add a little pizzaz to the closet). Lucky for me, I’m a huge bargain shopper so the total re-haul came to a total of $87.

It may seem like a whopping total, but it includes all new storage units & a new bedside table. My father & I created a shelf for my armoire to increase storage space from spare wood we have had for years, plus a couple coats of primer we had sitting in the work room. The new bureau came from my oldest brother, who just moved out and gifted it to me. It’s a lot nicer than my old one and handmade as well. The nightstand for my bed is actually one that I’ve had for years but re-painted for a fresh look.

The total included:

2 cloth bin storage units (Target): $7 each on sale

Small cloth bin (Target, clearance): $3

Shoe storage bins, interlocked (Target): $8 each, sale

Larger wastebasket (Target): $3

Small round table (Christmas Tree Store): $20 (no tools necessary for assembly)

3 large wall frames (Sorority Sister Document & Graduation document, Diploma: $15 total (AC Moore/Michaels)

3 small tabletop frames (the grey one is DIY): $3/each Christmas Tree Store

Cork-board: $7 (Staples)

I’m still deciding on what color to pain the back of the closet (an idea I read about on Pinterest of course!) and I plan on just re-painting the closet shelf white to brighten up the space). Any ideas for colors? I was thinking something bright, like an orange or teal but I guess we’ll see!

I don’t have any ‘before’ photos, but here you can see the final result (excuse the mess of fabric scraps on top of the shoe shelving unit).



My “Kappa wall” as I like to call it, complete with my Pledge to Alumni forms, two paddles, Bid paddle, blanket, & a couple other knickknacks from my sorority. I also used the cork-board to hold bulky necklaces instead & display them as well. The bureau in the second picture is from my brother and the nightstand I’ve had for awhile, though I’m thinking of switching out the clothe bins for more colorful ones..we’ll see! 

The interlocking shoe shelves on the left also count as a little resting place for a couple things, with the shoes facing inward so you can’t see them from the doorway. The white armoire I bought years ago as well as the desk I received from a family friend. 

The inside of the armoire. The shelving unit my father & I built houses most of my dvd cases and at least 60% of my books. It’s also a nice space for a couple pictures, two bottles of SkinnyGirl drinks & a few small knicknacks I’ve collected.

Compared with prices I’ve seen for very similar units, this little tabletop (the bottom which now holds a few books standing upright) is perfect for my alarm clock & phone. I bought it for $19.99 comparable to $40 & up other places). 

I haven’t included a photo of the closet, because I’d like to get a ‘before/after’ photo of it once it’s done. But I’m in love with all the new storage solutions that I bought and will certainly continue to move once I move out.

Needless to say, I haven’t updated this blog as much as I had planned in the beginning. It’s been gnawing at me at the back of my mind because I have a lineup of posts that need to be edited & posted, so I wanted to give an explanation. 

Literally the day after I posted my last blog post, I had an accident at work. Short story: I sliced a significant chunk of flesh off my finger (…ew). I was rushed to the hospital & they gave me a surgical foam to keep on for three days. The bleeding had stopped by the time I got to my primary care physician but I was out of work for a week & a half and it was painful to do anything with my right hand. I could barely type, let alone edit, so I spent my time doing one handed housework, somehow organizing my closet (an entire blog post worth of awesome organization), and hanging out with family & friends. My finger still hurts now & again, but I’m able to type. 

However, I just kept forgetting to update the blog. I would put it on my lists of things to do and it never got crossed off. Until this week. I will be updating this blog at least twice more within the next week, I promise. I have too many things to post, to talk about, and to share in order to just let it go. 


So, hello again. Welcome back to PeaceLoveKappa. 

…if you live in New England and haven’t been stuck in some cold, dark room (or living under a rock) for the past two weeks, you’ve probably noticed that it’s basically spring time.

Yesterday’s temp in Boston was a ‘cool’ 78 degrees. In  my little suburb ten minutes north, it was around the same (without all that smog & smelliness from people who don’t know what deodorant is). It was…too warm.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the spring & summer months as much as the next Cape Cod-beach-dwelling-20-something, but it’s MARCH. This sudden change from snow (Well, the meager snow we got this winter) to 78 degrees has been making some of us, legit, sick.

I’ve been battling the onslaught of a soon-to-be-sore throat. It’s one of those sore throats that you know is coming on, because you can feel it for a couple days. Thus far, I’ve been able to battle it down, but if we get more of this ’50’s one day, 75 the next’ type of forecast, it’s going to wreak havoc on my immune system.

But…enough of the physical part of the whole ‘whats up with this weather?’ story. The great thing about this weather? Boat shoes & spring cleaning.

Let me just say, I am by no means an extravagant person. Though some (ahem..all ) of my sisters would disagree, I don’t think I am. At least by the monetary standpoint and fashion standpoint. I’m not flashy with my choice of outfits and accessories (and do I LOVE accessories!), so I buy my all these (especially shoes) with caution. I also won’t pay full price for basically anything, except for this one outfit I HAD to have at JCP’s. I’ll go over that in a later me. It’s amazing.

So when it comes to my shoes, I’m always looking for something inexpensive but ‘so me.’ Boat shoes? So me. I could literally wear them all summer and winter if I could (or had the money to buy all coordinating ones). And when I get real  boat shoes, I don’t buy anything but Sperrys. Which means I wait until the summertime to buy them. And let me just tell you how excited I was to learn that Famous Footwear actually CARRIES them. The woman who was working that day told me “Oh…we’ve carried these for years in this store..”

Yeah. Okay. That’s why every time I came in during the summer, I had to order off their website and wait three weeks for them to ship from Seattle? Oookkaaay.

So when I went in this past week, when they were (*gasp*) advertised, I was pretty stoked. And then I got really annoyed because they didn’t even have a display for the most well-known boat shoes in the world. I walked around like a lost kitten until I came across the selection of boat shoes (all the way in the back of the store? Really?).

At last! My boat shoes! I picked up a pair of Sperrys that were on sale for $40, and paired with both my Famous Footwear Rewards & an online coupon, bought them for $28.

So even though now it’s getting close to fifty (since I posted this two days later, oops!), I’m pretty excited to wear my shoes. Word of caution: If you want to get a good life out of your shoes, buy a couple pairs of no shoe socks or stockings. I picked up five pairs of Meronas at Target for around $4 today. A great deal, since I can also use them for my ballet flats.

I hate job searching.

I mean, I guess you could call me one of the lucky ones. Scratch that, actually. I am one of the lucky ones. I’ve had the same part time job for close to eight years now, minus the two months they laid off over 200 people in one store because we weren’t making enough money. Lucky for me (again, that word ‘luck’) the former store manager called me up to work in the store the next town over. I’ve been working since I was fifteen. I find it hard to believe that there are college students who have never held a job, even after they’ve graduated. But…it’s true. I would say these are the same graduates who have no job currently in this economy, but let’s face it: no one has a job.

The only good grace that comes from graduating college is that I don’t have to apply for student loans again. I have that blissful six month grace period to wait until I start paying loans, but I’m no procrastinator. I’m in the process of buying a used car under $6,000 (and, believe it or not, there are some great finds out there), but I’m still saving 75% of my weekly check to go towards my school loans. Consolidation is key on this point and I’m forever grateful that all public loans are being bought up by the Department of Education, which allows for an easier process and lower overall interest rate. My private loans are another matter completely. I have to call them, schedule a time to consolidate, then go over every little piece of paper with their name on it to stamp down a correct interest rate. Biggest headache ever.

But I can live with that, right now. What I can’t live with is being stuck in a part-time job. Let me just tell you all a few things that I did while in college: I was an active member of my sorority, held three positions the last semester in my chapter, held two senior positions in two other activities, co-produced & hosted a radio show, and produced a sports talk show on television. And I thought it wasn’t enough.

I thrive off being busy. I love it. So the part-time job thing is killing me. I’ve been clearing out stuff in my parent’s house like a mad woman, cleaning & doing laundry for the entire household (except my three brothers, they’re on their own), and crafting Christmas & birthday gifts…yes, it’s January but who doesn’t love getting an…eleven month head start?

But I’ve been applying to full time jobs like crazy. I have no reservations about working for anyone. I just want to get out of the hairnet and into the work force. I want the full time job, so that I have something to do and that something is something I love. Because I love everything I did in college. I want to do it again. My goal is to have a job by March. I think that specific goal is fair enough, given the success of fellow sisters & friends. Everyone who has a job has gotten said job within a couple months. It would be great to pick up the phone tomorrow for an interview, but I won’t get my hopes up.


So, what exactly, is this blog about then? It’s about everything; from that huge job search to weight loss to organization to crafting. I have more than enough things to talk about, rant about, & blog about. So I hope to keep you all entertained, maybe inspire one or two of you, and to (in general) help with basic life things. I may only be a ‘college grad’ but I have a lot to teach people and a lot to learn.