I’ve become fairly horrible at keeping a blog. I keep telling myself that this time it will be different and I’ll keep updating it. I’ve found, however, that if I don’t have my blog in my face every time I log onto the internet, I don’t update it. Hence the five month window where there are no updates.


But I’ve decided to change that. Be it an end of the year resolution, or the fact that I happen to miss blogging, I’ve decided to (A) make this site my homepage and (B) make it a weekly task on my to-do list.

It’s not that I don’t love writing. I do. I went to school for it, honed my skills and, yes, am still seeking out a job where I can put those skills to good use. It’s just that motivation seemed to be lacking. But I’ve been doing all these things this summer and, once those tasks were completed, I kept thinking “This would make a great blog post,” yet never got around to it.

Well, that part of life is over. When I blogging here on a (fairly) regular basis, it helped me keep in check. As weird as it sounds, keeping the motivation to blog also helps me keep motivation to do other things.

So here it goes again, hopefully for the last time. I can’t promise another blog within a few days, but I’ll certainly try to get one more up by Saturday.