Needless to say, I haven’t updated this blog as much as I had planned in the beginning. It’s been gnawing at me at the back of my mind because I have a lineup of posts that need to be edited & posted, so I wanted to give an explanation. 

Literally the day after I posted my last blog post, I had an accident at work. Short story: I sliced a significant chunk of flesh off my finger (…ew). I was rushed to the hospital & they gave me a surgical foam to keep on for three days. The bleeding had stopped by the time I got to my primary care physician but I was out of work for a week & a half and it was painful to do anything with my right hand. I could barely type, let alone edit, so I spent my time doing one handed housework, somehow organizing my closet (an entire blog post worth of awesome organization), and hanging out with family & friends. My finger still hurts now & again, but I’m able to type. 

However, I just kept forgetting to update the blog. I would put it on my lists of things to do and it never got crossed off. Until this week. I will be updating this blog at least twice more within the next week, I promise. I have too many things to post, to talk about, and to share in order to just let it go. 


So, hello again. Welcome back to PeaceLoveKappa.