…if you live in New England and haven’t been stuck in some cold, dark room (or living under a rock) for the past two weeks, you’ve probably noticed that it’s basically spring time.

Yesterday’s temp in Boston was a ‘cool’ 78 degrees. In  my little suburb ten minutes north, it was around the same (without all that smog & smelliness from people who don’t know what deodorant is). It was…too warm.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the spring & summer months as much as the next Cape Cod-beach-dwelling-20-something, but it’s MARCH. This sudden change from snow (Well, the meager snow we got this winter) to 78 degrees has been making some of us, legit, sick.

I’ve been battling the onslaught of a soon-to-be-sore throat. It’s one of those sore throats that you know is coming on, because you can feel it for a couple days. Thus far, I’ve been able to battle it down, but if we get more of this ’50’s one day, 75 the next’ type of forecast, it’s going to wreak havoc on my immune system.

But…enough of the physical part of the whole ‘whats up with this weather?’ story. The great thing about this weather? Boat shoes & spring cleaning.

Let me just say, I am by no means an extravagant person. Though some (ahem..all ) of my sisters would disagree, I don’t think I am. At least by the monetary standpoint and fashion standpoint. I’m not flashy with my choice of outfits and accessories (and do I LOVE accessories!), so I buy my all these (especially shoes) with caution. I also won’t pay full price for basically anything, except for this one outfit I HAD to have at JCP’s. I’ll go over that in a later post..trust me. It’s amazing.

So when it comes to my shoes, I’m always looking for something inexpensive but ‘so me.’ Boat shoes? So me. I could literally wear them all summer and winter if I could (or had the money to buy all coordinating ones). And when I get real  boat shoes, I don’t buy anything but Sperrys. Which means I wait until the summertime to buy them. And let me just tell you how excited I was to learn that Famous Footwear actually CARRIES them. The woman who was working that day told me “Oh…we’ve carried these for years in this store..”

Yeah. Okay. That’s why every time I came in during the summer, I had to order off their website and wait three weeks for them to ship from Seattle? Oookkaaay.

So when I went in this past week, when they were (*gasp*) advertised, I was pretty stoked. And then I got really annoyed because they didn’t even have a display for the most well-known boat shoes in the world. I walked around like a lost kitten until I came across the selection of boat shoes (all the way in the back of the store? Really?).

At last! My boat shoes! I picked up a pair of Sperrys that were on sale for $40, and paired with both my Famous Footwear Rewards & an online coupon, bought them for $28.

So even though now it’s getting close to fifty (since I posted this two days later, oops!), I’m pretty excited to wear my shoes. Word of caution: If you want to get a good life out of your shoes, buy a couple pairs of no shoe socks or stockings. I picked up five pairs of Meronas at Target for around $4 today. A great deal, since I can also use them for my ballet flats.