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So, I’m a craft nut. If it can be made, I’ll probably make it. 

If it has anything to do with anchors or the ocean, I’ll also probably make it. So I went to Michaels Craft Store two days ago because I had a laundry list of things I wanted to pick up. About four projects in total, to be exact. The first was a coaster set, which are basically done (and super easy), the second and third were nautical rope bracelets & headbands. Neither of these I can do, as of yet, because Michaels has nothing in the way of rope cord or anchor charms (or, for that matter, crimping beads..I mean, c’mon?!). So I picked up the fourth project, which is below. 


I saw block anchors on Pinterest awhile ago, but decided to do my own version in white & an ocean-teal (Craftsmart’s Ocean Breeze to be exact). 

It’s a fairly simple project I did in under a day. I sanded down part of the oval block first, because some of it wasn’t as smooth as I would’ve liked. Then I traced an outline of an anchor with a pencil onto the plain block. I already had a wooden anchor that I used, but anyone else can simply Google an anchor drawing & print it. Or free-hand. Either way. 

I then used a thin-ish paint brush (the cheap kind you get in the pack with the sponge brushes, I paid $4 for mine) and used white acrylic paint to outline the anchor (Photo 1) 


I then painted inside the anchor and used the ocean breeze to carefully outline the outside of the anchor, then painted again. I did a double coat of both, then used a sealer to..well..seal it. Since the back of the wooden piece had no wall hanging, I just stuck some 3M mounts onto the back. It doesn’t weigh much, so it stays. 






It may only be February, but the spring season’s top lists are starting to come out of the closet.

Spring is a time of awakening, which is why the spring trends seem to last the longest. Last year, the ombre hair color was on the forefront and continues to be so currently.

A noticeable trend in all the following is this: they’re easy, can be done at home (such as the ombre), and have a multitude of both video and blog tutorials on how to achieve each look.

2012 Spring Hairstyles: 

Long Hair:

Bouncy: The long bouncy look is in again, though I’m not a big fan. I consider myself someone who could never live in the ’80’s, being that I like my hair sleek & all in place. The bouncy look gets it’s roots from the ’70’s and continues to be popular today.

At home curls: No, we’re not talking curling irons & the like. I’m talking the kind that you can do without heat, such as pinwheel curls & the internet’s infamous sock curl (a quick search will bring up A Spotted Pony’s tutorial, excellent reference).

Rockability: Rockability is the fashion craze right now. I’ve seen this show up as early as Fall 2011 but this season and summer will be the onslaught of the hair fashion of rockability. I’m a huge fan of this style, it’s sleek & stylish and goes well from work to night.

The bouffant, a la Bridgette Bardot: Quick, look up Bardot. See her hair? Impeccable bouffants are back in style, just like this classic beauty always had. It gives new meaning to the ‘bump-it’ (since that trend seems to be leaving slowly. It pushes the bump to the back, which might make it easier for those shoulder length girls to style as well.


Mid-length hair

Faux bob: I’m in love with this look. It’s retro and modern all at the same time. It has its roots back in the days of “Stepford Wives” and continues it’s tradition to be classically stylish even today. note: this hairstyle works best on straight hair, however if you manage to tame your curly or wavey hair down, it would work as well. 

Wet look chignon: Wet looking hairstyles are always in for the summer, but for the spring? I was a little dubious. But I tried it out (Garnier Fructic wet look styling products is amazing for this) and I loved it. I can wear it to my “hair up only” job and still it’s stylish. Best yet? Works on ALL hair types.

Piled & pin: It’s exactly what it sounds like. Use a lot of bobbi pins and pin up your hair, but don’t make it too tied together. The whole point of this style is to make it sleek & messy (think; the messy bun). Again, it works if you need to keep your hair out of your face, yet it’s also stylish. I tried this out the other day and pair it with some heeled boots over dark jeans and some edgy jewelry paired with a long cardigan & white top. It fit perfectly, but could also fit well with a dressed up look.

Chignon with side waves: Chignons are making a big comeback, partly due to the emerging trend of classic makeup & style. A perfect little chignon with half the hair done with soft waves pinned to the sides. It’s interesting and very cute.


Short hair

I’ve always found that short haired girls are having problems year in and out. There never seem to be a good amount of hair styles for short hair. So I’ve scoured the internet and dug into the minds of both my own hairstylist and my friends who are hairstylists to come up with more than just one or two:


Afro hair: I put this first, because it goes with the bouffant & faux bob trend: it’s retro. The afro, for those gals with curly hair, works well with short hair (in fact, it’s the only one it goes well with).

Mod hair: Bardot had this, so did Twiggy. It works for those who have wavy or straight short hair, but doesn’t work well for curly girls. Again, it’s retro. Pinning one side with also give it a different look.

Bobs: Bobs seem to always be in, but they’re in BIG time this season (and the summer season). Whether it’s a reverse or classic bob, they’re coming back after a few seasons in the dark.

Choppy layers: Again, doesn’t work if you have incredibly curly hair (unless you can straighten it or tame it), but the choppy layers always work. It gives your hair depth as well as an edgy feel without going over the top.